Zara’s Pet Portraits & Wildlife Art Review

About the brand:

Zara’s Pet Portraits & Wildlife Art, based in Hampshire, UK, is run by Zara Toms, an artist with a rich history in animal care and management. Her journey from a canine hydrotherapist to a full-time artist is intriguing. With her Animal Management background and extensive work with dogs, she ventured into the world of pet portraits in 2016. As of February 2021, she also offers online art tutorials, diversifying her professional portfolio. Although the brand isn’t as well-known as some others, Zara’s love for animals shines through in her detailed, realistic portraits.

What customers like:

  1. Realism: Zara prides herself on creating highly detailed, realistic portraits that truly capture the spirit of the subject.
  2. Personal Touch: Zara’s lifelong experience with animals, especially dogs, lends a deeper understanding and emotional depth to her work.
  3. Art Tutorials: Her new online tutorials add another dimension, allowing pet lovers to learn from her expertise.

What customers don’t like:

  1. Turnaround Time: Zara’s turnaround time has been reported to be a bit longer compared to other brands in similar categories.
  2. Pricing: While the quality of the work is evident, the pricing is higher than other brands we’ve reviewed.
  3. Limited Online Presence: Information about the brand and its services is somewhat sparse online, making it hard for potential customers to find details they may be seeking.
  4. Specialization: Although the portraits are realistic, there isn’t much diversity in artistic style, which might not appeal to everyone.


Zara’s Pet Portraits & Wildlife Art scores a 4/10. While the artwork itself is commendable for its realistic detail, the brand falls short in several areas, including pricing and turnaround time, which are higher than comparable brands. Additionally, the limited online information and lack of stylistic diversity could be turn-offs for potential customers.

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