Turner & Walker Review

About the Brand Turner & Walker has carved out a distinctive niche in the pet portrait market with their unique focus on regal-style artwork. While some may find the regal styles a bit cheesy, they are undeniably charming and eye-catching. Besides their regal offerings, they also provide more traditional pet portraits at a reasonable price point. However, it’s worth mentioning that these portraits don’t appear to be hand-drawn, which could be a sticking point for purists. The brand’s unique selling proposition extends to live exhibitions; for instance, they’ll be setting up a live stand at the Malvern Show this September. Turner & Walker also make philanthropy part of their mission. They contribute a portion of each sale to Dogs Trust, a registered charity, and offer customers the opportunity to contribute additional amounts at checkout.

What Customers Like The customer testimonials clearly indicate the brand’s strength in creating highly amusing and delightful portraits. Comments like “Absolutely hilarious, best gift ever!” and “MADE MY DAY” demonstrate the joy and humor that Turner & Walker bring into homes. Many customers, particularly those who’ve lost pets, find the portraits to be beautiful mementos that keep the memories alive. For example, one testimonial from Steven S talks about how the portrait of his late cocker spaniel, Missy, has become a cherished keepsake. The brand’s association with the Dogs Trust also resonates with animal lovers who appreciate the dual benefit of getting a portrait while supporting a charitable cause.

What Customers Don’t Like The 3.7 rating indicates there’s room for improvement. One obvious drawback is that the portraits, especially the traditional ones, don’t appear to be hand-drawn. This lack of personal touch can be disappointing for those expecting a one-of-a-kind artwork. The regal style, while loved by many, could also be considered cheesy or overly kitschy by some, which may limit the brand’s appeal.

Score 3.7/10

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