About the brand:, led by Christine Varley, is a renowned name in the field of animal artistry. With decades of experience, Varley has made a significant mark in the UK art scene and even gained international attention. Her work has been displayed at esteemed events like Crufts and has also been associated with prominent companies and charities. The brand doesn’t limit itself to just art; it has extended its reach to various pet-related products under the WaggyDogz range, solidifying its presence in the market.

What customers like:

  1. Diverse Portfolio: Christine Varley specializes in various mediums, primarily watercolour and pencil, making it appealing for different aesthetic preferences.
  2. International Shipping: The brand caters to a global audience, shipping their artwork worldwide.
  3. Payment Plans: The company offers flexible payment options, making it easier for people to own a piece of art.
  4. Additional Services: Apart from art commissions, the brand also offers photography services for UK customers, capturing the best pose and layout for the portrait.
  5. Merchandise: The WaggyDogz range is a hit among dog lovers, offering more than just portraits.

What customers don’t like:

  1. Limited FAQs: Though there’s an FAQ section, it could be more comprehensive to better guide potential customers.
  2. Price: While art is subjectively invaluable, some customers find the pricing on the higher side, especially when considering international shipping costs.
  3. Communication: Some clients have pointed out that while the art is exceptional, the customer service could be more responsive in handling queries or providing updates on orders.


All in all, the brand secures a score of 3.8/5. While it shines in delivering quality and diverse art pieces, it falls a tad short in customer service and comprehensive guidance. Nevertheless, it stands as a reliable option for those looking to capture the essence of their beloved pets in a timeless portrait.

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