Paws by Zann Review

About the Brand:

Paws by Zann has crafted a name for itself in the domain of pet portraiture, offering customized, hand-painted works of art that leave customers teary-eyed and emotional. Operating out of a home studio in Vancouver Island, Zann is not just an artist but a pet lover who brings her own authentic flair to each portrait. The company isn’t just a one-woman show; it’s a testament to artistic craftsmanship and pet love. A standout feature is Zann’s willingness to share the painting process with customers, offering previews and updates to make sure everything is just how you envisioned it.

What Customers Like:

Most rave reviews highlight the emotional connection Zann fosters through her artwork. People appreciate the meticulous attention to detail, from the texture of fur to the sparkle in the pet’s eyes. Zann’s knack for capturing a pet’s essence has won her a portfolio of happy customers. What’s more, she makes the process interactive. Clients receive updates and can preview the final artwork, feeling involved every step of the way.

What Customers Don’t Like:

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The two sticking points appear to be price and turnaround time. These portraits are definitely on the steeper side, and given they’re custom works of art, the cost is understandable to a point. Still, it might deter those on a budget. Additionally, if you’re in a rush for a gift, you may have to look elsewhere; these portraits take time to create and dry, so last-minute orders are a no-go.



So, who’s the driving force behind Paws by Zann? Meet Zann, a devoted pet portraitist with a knack for turning oil and canvas into an emotional experience. Her operation extends beyond mere craftsmanship to create what many customers describe as “treasured pieces for the family.” With her background in hosting a TV show, “Painting Pets with Zann,” she clearly knows how to appeal to pet lovers and art aficionados alike.

Starting your pet portrait is as simple as placing an order online, uploading a photograph, and letting Zann take the wheel. She’ll work closely with you on the composition and keep you updated as the painting comes to life. And within a few weeks, voila! A piece of art ready to hang and adore arrives at your doorstep.

Reviews consistently touch on Zann’s client-centric approach. She’s been lauded for her communication skills and her desire to align her artistic vision with the customer’s expectations. Portraits of pets that have passed on are often highlighted as being especially impactful, serving as beautiful memorials that evoke a wealth of cherished memories.

Price and time do become a bit of a snag. These pieces are art investments and don’t come cheap. Plus, you’ll need to plan well ahead if you’re looking to gift one of these portraits; the oils require drying time on top of the painting time. With her announcement about taking maternity leave starting Fall 2023, expect her to be even less accommodating for quick-turnaround orders.

For anyone seeking to immortalize their pet in paint, Paws by Zann offers a premium service that’s worth every penny, albeit with some caveats around price and timing. Whether you’re a pet parent looking to cherish your living fur baby or memorialize a lost one, this artist offers something that few can—a tangible piece of art pulsating with the love you have for your pet.

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