MyPetraits Canada Review

MyPetraits is a digital pet portrait company that aims to deliver handcrafted, affordable keepsakes for pet owners. The brand is a go-to for a unique blend of craftsmanship and technology, and they’ve made quite the name for themselves as Canada’s top digital pet portrait service. They flaunt a range of styles and customization options to make sure your pet’s essence is truly captured. One commendable perk is their referral program where you can earn $9 for every successful referral, making it a win-win for loyal customers.

While they don’t lack in the tech department, some of their processes could use a bit more human touch. For example, although the portraits are advertised as 100% hand-drawn, some customers have raised questions about the level of personalization in the final product. Plus, let’s not forget that the tax-included price and free delivery do make your wallet breathe a bit easier.

What Customers Like:

Customers often rave about the convenience of the digital format, allowing for easy sharing and printing. The LiveChat feature is a hit, letting customers ask questions and get immediate answers, saving the trouble of endless email chains or phone calls. Clients also appreciate the 3-day adjustment period to make changes to the portrait without any extra charges. They’re in business to make pet owners happy, and it shows in their efforts to provide good customer service and quality products.

What Customers Don’t Like:

Not everything is rosy though. While the digital format is a convenience for some, it’s a deal-breaker for those who prefer a traditional painting they can touch and feel. Customers also seem to be clamoring for printed or framed versions, which MyPetraits doesn’t offer at the moment. And while the brand promises 100% hand-drawn portraits, some customers feel that the artworks sometimes lack the personalized touch and warmth that comes with traditional methods. There’s room for improvement on making sure each portrait feels unique and cherished.


Taking all into account, MyPetraits earns a score of 3.5/5. They’ve got a solid concept and are well on their way to becoming a one-stop-shop for pet lovers. Yet, some gaps need filling, especially when it comes to offering a range of tangible products and ensuring each portrait has a genuine, individualized touch. Good, but not quite top-dog status yet.

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