Forever Pet Portraits Review

About the brand: Forever Pet Portraits is a homegrown venture out of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, led by self-taught artist Theresa. Her artistic roots go as deep as childhood scribbles, evolving over the years to acrylic masterpieces. Specializing in pet portraits, she offers a somewhat simpler, less life-like but still charming alternative to the often more pricey competitors like Paws by Zann and White Dog Portraits. The vibe is more whimsical than realistic, capturing your pet’s essence if not the finest details.

What customers like: Clients appreciate that Theresa’s portraits are relatively budget-friendly and that the process is interactive from the get-go. The option to choose a color theme adds a personal touch, and Theresa’s commitment to capturing the personality of each pet shines through. Plus, who can resist her charming backstory?

What customers don’t like: While affordability is a strong point, some customers feel the portraits lack the nuanced detailing found in higher-end offerings. Additionally, the step of approving a sketch beforehand can slow down the process for those in a hurry to get their paws on the finished product.

Score: 3.8/5

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