Best British Pet Portrait Companies

Sarah’s Pet Portraits

Sarah’s Pet Portraits, located in Kent, stands out for its focus on customization and the breadth of experience that artist Sarah Leigh brings. Not just limited to domestic animals, Sarah also creates wildlife art and offers diverse styles such as lino prints. She collaborates with customers for personalized results, garnering praise for her meticulous attention to detail. On the flip side, the service can be costly and time-consuming, with wait times stretching up to 10 weeks. Overall, with a 4/5 rating, the brand is a worthwhile investment for those who value quality and uniqueness over speed and cost.

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Turner & Walker

Turner & Walker specializes in regal-style pet portraits that captivate with their charm, though some find them kitschy. Besides these, they offer reasonably priced, albeit digitally produced, traditional portraits. Customers appreciate the brand’s humorous approach and its charitable connection with Dogs Trust. While generally well-received for their amusing and sentimental pieces, the brand’s 3.7 rating suggests that the absence of hand-drawn elements and divisive stylistic choices can be drawbacks for some.

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Pastel Pet Portraits

With over 30 years of expertise, Lorraine Gray sets a high bar in pet portraiture through her brand, Pastel Pet Portraits. Specializing in lifelike pastel renditions of various animals, Lorraine also offers the convenience of customizable sizes and gift cards. While her work is a premium investment, her 4.3/5 rating indicates that most consider it well worth the cost for the emotionally resonant and skillfully executed art. Her additional credibility as a published author and TV feature on BBC1 has earned her a broad and appreciative clientele.

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Christine Varley’s boasts decades of expertise and a diversified portfolio that includes watercolors and pencil sketches. The brand has a global reach with international shipping and also offers flexible payment plans and additional services like photography. While it scores a 3.8/5 rating for its quality and range, it faces criticisms for less-than-stellar customer service, high pricing, and a limited FAQ section. Yet, its comprehensive offerings, including the popular WaggyDogz merchandise range, make it a strong contender in the pet portrait market.

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