About us

The Royal Pet Portrait Group: Your Go-To for Genuine Pet Portraits

Ever been stuck in the endless loop of finding a solid pet portrait service? Yep, we’ve been there. That’s why we started The Royal Pet Portrait Group. Our goal is simple: to help you find reliable and top-notch pet portrait companies all over the world. Forget those dodgy Photoshop jobs; we’re here to sort the good from the not-so-good and lay it all out for you.

What You Get Why It’s Cool
Detailed Reviews We go all in, so you know exactly what you’re signing up for.
Worldwide Picks Handpicked artists from various corners of the globe.
No Sugarcoating We tell it like it is, no beating around the bush.

Because Your Pet Is One-of-a-Kind

Who doesn’t want the best for their pet? They’re family, after all. So, when it comes to capturing your pet’s unique personality in a portrait, we believe in no half measures. We dig deep into the nitty-gritty of each service, scrutinizing their style, how they handle customers, what they charge, and how long they keep you waiting.

Check out our reviews and find an artist who’ll create more than just a pretty picture. We’re talking about a keepsake that does justice to your pet’s charisma.

Why You Should Steer Clear of Shoddy Work

Let’s be real. Some artists out there slap a few filters on a photo and call it a masterpiece. But you and your pet deserve better. With our list, you can skip the rubbish and go straight to artists who genuinely care about quality.

Save yourself from a sad, poorly done portrait. Trust us, both your wall and your pet will thank you.

Our Vetting Process

Wondering how we make our picks? We’re talking serious legwork. We look at reviews, testimonials, and, you guessed it, we even get portraits made ourselves to see if they’re worth the hype.

Calling All Quality Artists

Run a pet portrait business that’s up to snuff? We want to hear from you! Hit us up at info@theroyalpetportrait.com and let’s talk about showcasing your work.

Need Some Inspo?

We’re not just here to point you to a decent service. We’re also a hub for all things creative. Browse our portfolio of verified portraits and get those creative juices flowing for your pet’s own portrait.

Get Involved

We’re building a community here, one where the love of pets and art come together. Share your own reviews, or recommend a gem of an artist. Every bit counts. So come on, let’s make the world a more beautiful place for our pets, one portrait at a time.