Sarah’s Pet Portraits Reviews

About the Brand: Sarah’s Pet Portraits is your go-to if you’re all about customization and capturing the unique essence of your beloved pet. Based in Kent, the artist behind the magic, Sarah Leigh, has got over a decade and a half of painting experience under her belt. She’s not your run-of-the-mill pet portrait artist; she … Read more

Turner & Walker Review

About the Brand Turner & Walker has carved out a distinctive niche in the pet portrait market with their unique focus on regal-style artwork. While some may find the regal styles a bit cheesy, they are undeniably charming and eye-catching. Besides their regal offerings, they also provide more traditional pet portraits at a reasonable price … Read more

Pastel Pet Portraits Review

About the Brand: Pastel Pet Portraits by Lorraine Gray Lorraine Gray stands as an unparalleled artist in the realm of pet portraiture, setting the gold standard with her over 30 years of experience. Specializing in painting lifelike renditions of dogs, cats, and horses, Lorraine mainly works with pastels but has a proficiency in oils as … Read more

Zara’s Pet Portraits & Wildlife Art Review

About the brand: Zara’s Pet Portraits & Wildlife Art, based in Hampshire, UK, is run by Zara Toms, an artist with a rich history in animal care and management. Her journey from a canine hydrotherapist to a full-time artist is intriguing. With her Animal Management background and extensive work with dogs, she ventured into the … Read more Review

About the brand:, led by Christine Varley, is a renowned name in the field of animal artistry. With decades of experience, Varley has made a significant mark in the UK art scene and even gained international attention. Her work has been displayed at esteemed events like Crufts and has also been associated with prominent … Read more

Paint My Pooch Review

About the brand: Paint My Pooch isn’t your run-of-the-mill pet portrait service; it’s a veritable playground for pet owners who seek a lasting tribute to their four-legged pals. With a smorgasbord of options ranging from framed art pieces to pet-themed phone cases, this brand seems to know its audience well. Their offerings strike a killer … Read more

Forever Pet Portraits Review

About the brand: Forever Pet Portraits is a homegrown venture out of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, led by self-taught artist Theresa. Her artistic roots go as deep as childhood scribbles, evolving over the years to acrylic masterpieces. Specializing in pet portraits, she offers a somewhat simpler, less life-like but still charming alternative to the often … Read more

White Dog Pet Portraits Review

About the Brand: White Dog Pet Portraits is more than just a pet portrait studio. Located in Ottawa and run by the dynamic duo Melissa and Shawn, it’s a labor of love aimed at pet parents and rescue charities alike. Melissa’s the artistic genius, and Shawn handles the photography and other tasks, creating a pretty … Read more

Paws by Zann Review

About the Brand: Paws by Zann has crafted a name for itself in the domain of pet portraiture, offering customized, hand-painted works of art that leave customers teary-eyed and emotional. Operating out of a home studio in Vancouver Island, Zann is not just an artist but a pet lover who brings her own authentic flair … Read more

MyPetraits Canada Review

MyPetraits is a digital pet portrait company that aims to deliver handcrafted, affordable keepsakes for pet owners. The brand is a go-to for a unique blend of craftsmanship and technology, and they’ve made quite the name for themselves as Canada’s top digital pet portrait service. They flaunt a range of styles and customization options to … Read more